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The Benefits of Mixed Feeding

Cats’ ideal nutrition is a complete and balanced wet diet. But what about cats who prefer dry food? 

As a cat lover, you know their playful hunting ways. You’ve seen them stalk and pounce on toys, and how they light up when they find something to chase and catch. Cats act this way because they haven’t evolved from their hunting ancestors. This not only applies to their behavior, but their nutritional requirements also remain the same.

As obligate carnivores and natural hunters, cats have four very specific nutritional needs, which are based on the composition of prey: high protein, high moisture, low carbohydrates, and variety.

For our kibble-loving cats, mixed feeding is the best option.

What is mixed feeding?

Mixed feeding means to combine a complete and balanced dry food with a wet meal topper. 

What are the benefits of mixed feeding? 

  • Cat parents can still enjoy the convenience of feeding dry food. 
  • Wet toppers add enticing aroma and flavor — great for picky cats!
  • Added hydration supplements cats’ naturally low thirst drive. It also helps cats feel fuller to maintain a healthy body condition. 
  • Feeding different toppers at each meal gives cats nutrient variety and mental stimulation.

The #1 benefit of mixed feeding? Healthier cats! The leading cause of the most common cat conditions is a dry, high-carbohydrate diet. Adding a high-moisture, high-protein topper ensures that they receive the essential nutrients their bodies need for optimal health.

How do I start a mixed feeding regimen?

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore makes it simple.

1. Start with a complete and balanced, high-protein dry cat food.

Choose one that is formulated for your cat’s life stage and lifestyle. 

2. Next, select a wet meal topper based on what you want to boost: hydration, protein, or a functional benefit.

Simply open and pour over the dry kibble.

How do I know which combination is best for my cat?

One of the best aspects of mixed feeding is the ability to mix and match to your cat’s content. Try a few different toppers and see what they like! Do they like to sink their teeth into shreds of meat? They’d love Complements. Is your cat a picky eater? Try Functions Fussy. Have fun with it! As long as your favorite furry hunter is happy and receiving all of the nutrients they need, it’s a win-win. 

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