Dry Food
Wet Food
Meal Toppers


High-protein meals with real meat, liver and superfoods in the classic paté form. 


Specially formulated food for puppies with added DHA 


High protein diets with shredded high quality meats in a savory broth 


Specially formulated food for senior small dogs 

Tiki Dog Grain Free Best Dry Dog Food

Aloha Dry Food

Bite-size kibble baked to perfection with real, high-quality protein 

Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Flavor Boosters

Flavor Booster

Gravy with small, real meat chunks, for a lavish meal topper or treat 

Tummy Topper

A simple blend of pumpkin & ginger to help promote healthy digestion 

Tiki Pet Morsels

Air-Dried Morsels

Air-dried, naturally preserved pieces of 100% meat from chicken or lamb to add taste and texture to everyday meals.