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Tiki Cat Grain Free Best Dry Cat Food

Born Carnivore

The crunchy baked kibble cats crave, with over 44% protein from real chicken and fish. 

Tiki Cat After Dark Cat Food

After Dark

Hearty meals packed with meat, like chicken, pork, lamb and nutrient-rich organ meat. 

Tiki Cat Luau Cat Food


Tender shredded chicken combined with flaked fish, like wild salmon or ahi tuna. 

Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Cat Food


Silky-smooth mousse blends of fish or chicken for the most finicky felines 

Tiki Cat Grill Cat Food


Indulgent flaked fish recipes, garnished with shellfish like whole prawns, in a delicate consommé. 

Aloha Friends

Delicious, easy-to-digest combinations with real tuna or chicken and pumpkin. 


Made just for kittens, featuring nutrient-dense, high-quality protein from chicken. 


Made just for older cats, with high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids and antioxidant nutrients. 

Tiki Cat Stix


Creamy single-serve treats with chicken or tuna to indulge your cat. 

Tummy Topper

A blend of pumpkin and wheatgrass that helps promote healthy digestion and soothe sensitive stomachs. 

Tiki Cat Dash Cat Food Meal Toppers


Sprinkle these smoked fish flakes on top of meals for a boost of flavor. 


Tiki Cat® Crunchers cat treats are grain-free, perfectly-sized, meaty treats for your carnivorous cat.