Say Aloha
to Real Food

Finally, a food worthy of your pet. Tiki Pets™ makes bold, authentic food with real, whole ingredients for cats and dogs who appreciate the good stuff. Packed with nutrients and flavor, it’s the definition of healthy indulgence.

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Tiki Cat Tiki Dog Grain Free Pet Food
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The Proof is in the Purr
(or Wag)

One bite of Tiki Pets™. That’s all it takes for the bliss to set in. Purring, tail wagging, perhaps drooling…the exhilaration comes in many forms. But they all say one thing: Mahalo (thanks).

tiki cat tiki dog

Nutrition that’s not shy.

Tiki Pets™ foods are designed with the highest standards in nutrition to keep pets
in optimal health, and you can see it in every bowl.


Complete Nutrition

Tiki Pets™ foods mimic the natural prey diets of dogs and cats to give them exactly what their bodies need. That means high protein, high moisture, low carbs, no grains or fillers, and none of that artificial stuff.


Recognizable Ingredients

Take a look. Those are whole, identifiable ingredients that don’t hide. Meat is always in the spotlight, and ultra-nutritious superfoods like pumpkin and kale make regular appearances.


So. Much. Flavor.

Boring has no place in their bowls. Ahi tuna, 
chicken liver, lamb, pork…so many amazing flavors to excite your pet. Because, a) they deserve it, 
and b) a finished meal means they got all the nutrients they need.

Why Feed Tiki Pets

  • Crave-able Eats for Discerning Cats

    Tiki Cat Food

    Available in wet food, mousse, kibble, meal toppers and treats!

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    Made Just for Cats

    As everything should be, right? At least your cat thinks so. As natural carnivores, cats thrive best on a meat-based diet. That’s why Tiki Cat® foods are packed with animal protein and no grains for cats of all life stages.

    Oh, Hey There, Ingredients!

    We see you. Tiki Cat® food looks as good as it tastes. We’re talking whole prawns, chunks of flaked fish and shredded chicken in high-moisture, savory broths. All real, high-quality ingredients, because that’s what your cat deserves.

    Decisions, Decisions

    Tiki Cat® offers 40 flavors to get their purr on, like wild salmon, calamari and chicken liver, in a variety of exciting textures. Serve wet or dry food alone, mixed together or topped with a flavor booster. Farewell, dull dinners!

  • Made Just for Small Dogs

    All the nutrition your little dog needs – including high-quality protein, grain-free carbohydrate sources, and omega-3 fatty acids – packed into perfectly small pieces.

    Keeping It Real

    Tiki Dog™ is made with real, wholesome ingredients and nutrient-dense superfoods, like shredded chicken, pumpkin and kale. Grains, white potatoes, corn, wheat and rice are not invited.

    Decisions, Decisions

    Beef, duck, tuna, lamb…Tiki Dog™ offers dozens of flavors in textures ranging from smooth Bisque to crunchy, baked kibble. Serve wet or dry food alone, mixed together or topped with a flavor booster. Wag on.

    Big Nutrition for Small Dogs

    Tiki Dog Food

    Available in wet food, kibble, meal toppers and treats!

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