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Prepare a Holiday Feast for Your Pet

Your pet has been good all year long (ok, mostly good). So, this holiday, indulge them with the feast of their dreams. We’re talking four courses, maybe a little mood music, some twinkle lights…because, why not? Have fun with it!

Here is our recommended menu for their ultimate holiday feast.

Course 1: The Ap-paw-tizer (had to)

Wake up their taste buds with a punch of protein. For dogs, give a couple Tiki Dog™ Aloha Petites™ Air-Dried Morsels. They’re naturally preserved, 100% meat morsels made with high-quality chicken or lamb. For cats, try serving a few Tiki Cat® Crunchers, delicious, high-protein baked treats. Both crunchy treats are great ways to start a meal, offering mouthwatering, meaty flavor without adding too many calories.

Course 2: Light and Lick-able

Next, whet their appetite with a small scoop of wet food. Might we suggest one of the new Tiki Cat® Aloha Friends™ Chicken recipes with easy-to-digest pumpkin, or a Tiki Dog™ Aloha Petites™ wet formula, like Chicken and Duck Maui with real, whole pieces of chicken, duck and mega-nutritious superfoods.

Course 3: The Main Event

For the main course, give them a complete and balanced, protein-rich dry food. You can’t go wrong with Tiki Dog™ Aloha Petites™ dry foods, which have real chicken, duck, lamb or fish as the first ingredient and healthy, grain-free carbs. And for your cat, Tiki Cat® Born Carnivore™ offers an average of 44% protein, more than most cat foods, and zero processed plant protein.

For even more flavor and texture, add a wet topper, like Tiki Dog™ Flavor Boosters, or Tiki Cat® Tummy Topper™ with pumpkin and wheatgrass. A note on portion sizes: Because you’re also serving three other courses, feed less than the recommended amount listed on the package.

Course 4: The Grand Finale

There’s always room for dessert, right? A scoop of meaty, silky-smooth mousse makes a perfect conclusion to a meal. Tiki Cat® Stix™ is a high-protein mousse that’s just as delicious as it is fun to feed – right from the single-serve tube! Tiki Dog™ has two options, a Senior Mousse and a Puppy Mousse, both made specifically for those life stages, with real chicken as the first ingredient, plus delicious and digestible pumpkin.

After dinner, you can continue the pet pampering by taking a nice winter walk with your dog, or enjoying some play time with your cat. And, don’t forget to share pictures of your pet’s feast with us on Facebook or Instagram #TikiPets. Happy holidays!

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