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Why Liver, Gizzard and Heart are Good for Pets

Dogs and cats give organ meats two paws up! See why these sensational super-proteins are great for your pets. 

Most dogs and cats are wild about organ meats, and it goes back to their wild roots! When their ancestors hunted their prey, the first parts they would consume are the organs. Today, organ meat, like liver, gizzard and heart, are still canine and feline favorites and included in many healthy, commercial diets – for good reason! Organ meats are:

Powerfully Rich In Nutrients

Liver, gizzards and hearts are not just excellent sources of protein; they are packed with important vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In fact, they’re significantly more nutrient-dense than muscle meat!

Liver is chock-full of vitamin A, which supports healthy vision among many other benefits, vitamin B12 and iron to boost energy, plus vitamin C, folate, selenium and copper.

Gizzard is rich in cartilage, zinc, vitamin B12 and iron. It’s also a natural source of glucosamine, which helps support joint health.

Heart is an excellent source of CoQ10, a protective super-antioxidant that promotes cardiovascular health, and taurine, an essential amino acid that also aids cardiac function. Feeding heart is good for your pet’s heart! Taurine is especially important for cats. Their bodies require taurine but don’t make it, so it must be obtained from an animal-based diet.

Super Tasty

When it comes to flavor, organ meats bring it full force, earning rave reviews from both dogs and cats. Have a picky pet? Try enticing them with a Tiki Cat or Tiki Dog formula containing organ meat (see the list below). They might just lick the bowl clean!

Part of Their Natural Prey Diet

As mentioned, cats and dogs are natural hunters. Their wild ancestors ate the organs of their prey along with the muscle. So, including organ meats in your cat or dog’s diet actually helps to mimic their natural prey diets. Both cats and dogs are healthiest when they consume diets that are close to their wild ancestors’, particularly cats as obligate carnivores. 

For these reasons and more, Tiki Cat and Tiki Dog proudly include high-quality liver, gizzard and heart in many of our nutritious formulas. Below is a comprehensive list of all of our products lines that contain organ meats:

Featured Product line: After Dark – Now available in four textures!

Tiki Cat products with organ meats:

Tiki Dog products with organ meats:

Do your pets enjoy organ meats in their meals? Let us know below!

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