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Why Feed Wet?

Read about six great reasons to feed wet food to your pets. 

Have you ever not realized that you were thirsty? *reaches for water bottle*

Cats and dogs do this too, especially cats. As born carnivores, cats in the wild mostly relied on the moisture content of their prey for hydration. They’re naturally less likely to seek out water or even notice when they’re thirsty.

In addition to drinking more water, feeding wet foods is an easy way to give your pet an extra dose of hydration throughout the day. Even mixing wet food with dry kibble or topping it with a flavor booster can add some much-needed moisture. Tiki Pets™ wet cat food and wet dog food  are made with high moisture levels to provide supplemental hydration.

Other reasons to feed wet food include:

  • Flavor – It’s no secret that wet foods pack a big flavor punch, whether it’s an everyday indulgence or a special snack.
  • Softens Kibble – Wet food can help soften dry kibble, which is beneficial for seniors and pets with sensitive mouths.
  • Enticing Aroma – Both dogs and cats have an amazing sense of smell. Wet foods have a stronger aroma than dry food, which can help lure picky eaters.
  • Weight Management – The high moisture content (and high protein!) in Tiki Pets™ wet foods can help pets feel fuller longer. Because cats don’t need carbohydrates, look for wet foods that omit them, like Tiki Cat® wet foods, to help maintain a healthy body condition.
  • Portable – Single-serve cans, pouches and cups (even wet treats!) offer convenient feeding on the go.

The weather can affect your pet’s hydration needs as well. We all know drinking extra water is important in the hot summer months, but it’s something we pet parents should consider all year-round, particularly in this dry winter air. And, as always, if you suspect your cat or dog is dehydrated, see your veterinarian right away.

Here’s to happy, well-hydrated pets!


  1. just ordered tiki cat food on amazon, the mousse packets, after nearly having a nervous breakdown because my new sphynx kitten wouldn’t eat anything except a horrible crappy food store brand.I seriously tried very grain free kitten food and he starved for days ..thank god I found Tiki ,he loves it and it is sooo much better for him then the crappy food store brand…and I love the logos ,just gorgeous!!! thanks !!!. will definitely be a loyal customer!!

    1. Hello! Our Gourmet Carnivore has been discontinued, and our After Dark line will be the most similar food to it! Our After Dark food features nutrient rich wet cat food, made with organs and high protein meat and no added carbs that your cat will love!

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