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Be a Tiki Pets mixologist!

Boring bowls? Not around these parts. 

At Tiki Pets, we believe that meals should be healthy AND exciting. From crunchy kibble to silky broths, hearty meat to savory seafood, we offer an exceptionally wide variety of flavors and textures (and nutrients!), so you can easily mix things up and keep tails wagging.

Check out a few of the creations we’ve made!

Tiki Cat Surf N’ Turf Recipe

Featuring Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Chicken Luau, Salmon Broth and Dash with Mackerel to top it off.

Tiki Dog Springtime Trio Recipe

Featuring Tiki Dog Petites Chicken Luau, Lamb Paté and Lamb Bisque Flavor Booster to top it off.

Here’s how you combine products in creative ways to thrill your pet at every meal.

  1. Start with a complete and balanced wet or dry food as a base. Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines on the package, but feed slightly less to allow for toppers.
  2. Then, add a wet or dry topper…or two!

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can mix and match Tiki Pets products.

What new combinations can you create? We’d love to know! Share them with us using #TikiMixologist @TikiPets.


  1. Our Sylvia Joy Kitty has terrible trouble with her tummy. After a bout of it she is ready for her tiki tuna and mackeral mousse topped with some tiki cookies. Thank you for your wonderful products that sit easy on a kitties troublesome tummy!

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