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Three Ingredients That Help Pets’ Tummies

Learn about the powerful digestive benefits of pumpkin, ginger, and wheatgrass. Plus, new Tiki Mixology recipes perfect for sensitive pets! 

Latte-lovers aren’t the only ones who love pumpkin. Cats and dogs can enjoy it too, as a delicious and effective solution for sensitive stomachs. Our Tummy Toppers™ combine silky smooth pumpkin purée with either ginger (for dogs) or wheatgrass (for cats). Let’s take a closer look at these awesome ingredients.


This amazing gourd is a flavorful and versatile ingredient in both people and pet food, and it’s chocked full of fiber and important vitamins and minerals, like immunity-boosting vitamins A and C, potassium and iron. Both cats and dogs can benefit from pumpkin, particularly their digestive systems. As an excellent source of fiber, pumpkin gently eases intestinal distress to help relieve both constipation and diarrhea. It also allows pets to feel full for longer, which can help them maintain a healthy weight.


Featured in our Tiki Dog™ Tummy Topper™, ginger has a long history of use as a spice and medicine. As a natural anti-inflammatory and digestive aid, it’s been used for thousands of years to relieve human ailments like nausea, constipation, and arthritis. It’s been shown that ginger can provide many of the same benefits for dogs suffering from upset stomachs and achy joints.


Have you ever seen people drink wheatgrass shots or smoothies? This antioxidant-packed grass is actually a superfood supplement for cats too, and it’s featured in Tiki Cat® Tummy Topper™. It helps cats naturally flush out toxins and stimulate movement in the digestive system. And, if you’ve ever tried wheatgrass, don’t worry – cats typically like the flavor much more than people!

These three ingredients have been shown to help support a healthy digestive system in pets. However, if your pet experiences severe intestinal upset along with lethargy or appetite loss, it’s best to contact your veterinarian.

How to Feed Tummy Toppers™

Easy squeeze-y. You can serve it alone as a treat by squeezing it into a bowl – or let them lick directly from the pouch! Or, add it on top of their complete and balanced food like one of these exciting Tiki Pets® Mixology meals!

Tiki Cat® Poultry-Pumpkin Purrfection

  1. Start strong. Start with ¼ cup of Tiki Cat® Born Carnivore™ Chicken Luau grain-free dry food.
  2. Add moisture. Add 1 can (2.8 oz.) of Tiki Cat® After Dark™ Chicken and Quail Egg for a boost of flavor and moisture.
  3. Top it off. Top off the meal with Tiki Cat® Tummy Topper™ Pumpkin Purée with Wheatgrass to help promote healthy digestion.

Tiki Dog™ Whole-oween Harvest

  1. Start strong. Start with 1 cup of Tiki Dog™ Aloha Petites™ Chicken Luau grain-free dry food.
  2. Add moisture. Add ½ can (13.6 oz.) of Tiki Dog™ Whole Foods Recipe in Lobster Consommé for a boost of flavor and moisture.
  3. Top it off. Top off the meal with Tiki Dog™ Tummy Topper™ Pumpkin Purée with Ginger to help promote healthy digestion.

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