Top their meal with added moisture, protein, and supplemental benefits 

Mega Packs

The ultimate variety packs of wet food in chicken or seafood, whole food or patés. 

Indoor Health

High protein dry food with Vitamins A, E & Taurine that supports your cat’s whole body 

Soft & Chewy

Chewy treats with a tantalizing flavor and soft texture your cat will love. 


Give your cat’s meal a boost with these hydrating, high-protein meal toppers 


High-protein, all-natural fish filets in a delicious consommé. 


Creamy mousse formulas with functional benefits to support your cat’s special needs. 


Luscious, high-moisture broths with bits of real chicken, duck, beef, salmon or tuna. 

High Protein

Baked kibble cats crave, with real protein from chicken and fish 

After Dark

Hearty meals packed with organ meats, chicken, lamb & more, available in whole foods, patés or mousse. 


High moisture meals featuring chicken mixed with flaked fish, available shredded or pates. 

Velvet Mousse

Silky mousse blends of fish or chicken for the most finicky felines