The Protein They Crave in its Purest Form

Cats are obligate carnivores and require meat to survive. Tiki Cat® Raw™ gives cats the uncooked, prey-like diet they crave in a safe, complete and balanced meal.

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Raw Meat. Ready to Eat.

Single-protein formulas with no hormones, no grains or vegetables.


Absolutely. Tiki Cat® Raw™ diets are pasteurized using extreme pressure after packaging to eliminate the chance of recontamination. Our SQF-certified, company-owned manufacturing plant is specifically designed for the production of raw meat products.
Yes. Ground chicken and turkey contain a small amount of finely ground bones. These and bone broth add a natural source of important minerals like calcium.
There are many risks, like contamination from pathogens like salmonella, choking on meat or bones that aren’t ground properly, and nutrient deficiencies from a diet that’s not complete and balanced. A commercial raw cat food, like Tiki Cat® Raw™, is a safer, healthier option.
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